Ode to Sisturzzz


Technically an ode is a lyrical poem usually expressing a strong feeling of love or respect for something. Since I’m not a poet and am lyrically incompetent I’m going to take some liberties with the word. The feelings of course are what matters at the end of the day and technicalities can be set aside for the sake of creativity.

So this is my Ode to Sisturzzz.

That cousin whom I grew up with who is of my blood yet more a friend than a sister ever could be. The stories that we shared, the childhood games that we played and the nightmares that our mothers we gave with our antics and bold revelry. The gossip that we traded and with laughter we shredded. My total antithesis, the grace and the fashion sense beyond compare. The girl who knew every outfit that Sridevi wore in wore in Chandni and would quiz the clueless me so lost in the pages of my books. She took it upon herself to pull me out of the latest bestseller that I found myself engrossed in and made me acknowledge the world as it went by. A friendship that is my oldest and like wine has just gotten better with age.

That friend who is not of my blood yet is my soul sister. Who completes my sentences and knows all the dark corners of my heart. With whom I dare to be myself for she never judges and always encourages. Laughs at all my jokes and loves all my leg pulling. We share a name yet are distinct as can be. When I laugh and giggle like a schoolgirl, my kids know that it is her on the other line without even asking. No matter how serious life gets she’s that one person I can be truly stupid with. She’s shared my life’s most difficult moments also and been a rock by my side, knowing just the right thing to say pulling me out from the abyss that threatened me and mine. A friend like her is impossible to find and I am glad I have her in my life, my best friend and soul sister.

Then the little sister who grows up looking up to you, admiring you, copying you and making you feel like a titan. She grows up and you find that she has become a remarkable person who inspires you more than you ever did her. With the patience of a saint and a heart that’s pure gold she brings sunshine into your life. She sings the loudest, dancing the longest at your triumphs and cries the hardest at your losses. The one person in your life who no matter what, will love and be loved for she is the little sister every big sister dreams of having.

4 thoughts on “Ode to Sisturzzz”

  1. Sisters are truly one of the best gifts one can get from God. I have two and they are my best friends. I really wonder at people who bemoan the birth of a baby girl. I think people who don’t have a girl are missing out on life.

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  2. Always missed having a sister. But was blessed with “friend who is not of my blood yet a soul sister”.
    It’s a bond that’s indescribable.

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