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Her mother tried to stop her

but with never a backward glance,

River bounded out of home,

she was a torrent of youthful haze.

With the cool mountain breeze blowing,

her cascading hair streaming.

The warm sunshine on her face,

her collected skirts swinging,

her anklet bells ringing.

Leaping over boulders and

dancing over glens,

picking her playmates along the way.

She at long last slowed down,

to listen,

the temple bells a-pealing.

She stepped into the edifice and

watched the Purohits

with their burning lamps.

Swaying she stood, lulled

gently into a hypnotic laze.

They adorned her with petals,

they bathed her with milk and

smeared her with ashes.

The multitude crowded around her,



She looked on confounded.

What was this that they expected?

She knew not, she cared not.

Her journey was not to be interrupted,

she broke away from their embrace.

She ran with abandon,

they chased her to no avail.

Angered and arrogant.

They bound her.

They choked her.

Their hold a noose around her.

She struggled.

She strived.

Some of her survived.

A lot more cast away.

She reached the end of her journey.

Beggared and

battered she stood,

To question her creator,

on a game so iniquitous.

12 thoughts on “River”

  1. I would say best till date in terms of writing skills. You have beautifully conveyed your thoughts through masterful use of words and lyrics. The metaphor used here (River) shocks the reader by being so apt and obvious and yet not many would think of it.

    Liked by 1 person

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