“In The Light of Darkness” – Book Review


As I read through Tabrez’ dedication and acknowledgement, I had an inkling that the story about to unfold was one I would like. And I not only liked it, I loved it! We all see and feel the ugliness in the world yet are hopeful of the innate goodness out there; this is the book that reiterates your faith. It is a celebration of human relationships.

You will find within its pages characters to fall in love with. The motif of motherhood will be found in Susan. The angry son Matthew’s anguish will make him Matt to you. Meera’s story will fill you with an anger that will simmer yet you will believe that a good person cannot be abandoned. You will find the who-can-see-no-wrong-in-you Aunt who will find her way into your heart via your stomach. You will find the formidable Uncle who will look at you till you squirm with discomfort and spill out your deepest secrets. He will then be your champion but then again he will not mince words when he must.  You will find friends like Maanav, Vidu, Suhana who will prop you up when needed and wallop your behind when required.  In Tabrez’s own words you will find “A Family of Friends.”

This is a book all about emotions. Tabrez’ writing will pull at your heartstrings stretching them out to the point where you think that you will snap and as the tears begin to course down your cheeks she will ease the pace ever so slowly letting the warmth flood your heart. When you finally reach the end having gone through myriad emotions, believe me, you will put down the book with a very self-satisfied ‘Aaaaaaah!’

This book “In The Light of Darkness” the debut novel of Radhika Maria Tabrez, published by Readomania is a must read.





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